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Vacuum Pump Fluids

Pro-Torr pump oil, diffusion and turbo pump fluids, PFPE fluids, high vacuum grease and more!

Vacuum Pump Fluid
Our NEW Pro-Torr White Gold pump fluid is a highly-refined hydrocarbon mineral oil. Works great in both rotary vane and rotary piston pumps. Provides good sealing, lubricity and ultimate vacuum.

Double-distilled,Chemical Resistant,Longer life, superior protection and reduced back streaming.

Suggested Applications:

Instrumentation, Botanical Extractions, LPCVP, Nitride deposition, Ion implantation, Plasma etching, Sputtering, Biomedical processes, Leak detection, Freeze drying, Mass spectrometry

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Catalog # Description Price  
20.20000.10 Pro-Torr White Gold, one gallon $39.00
20.20000.50 Pro-Torr White Gold, five gallon $169.00
20.20000.55 Pro-Torr White Gold, fifty-five gallon $1,295.00

Direct-Drive Vacuum Pump Fluid
A highly distilled, water-white hydrocarbon based fluid. Great for direct-drive pumps and harsh environments where corrosion resistance and lower base pressures are a must.

Catalog # Description Price
20.32000.10 Techni-Clear, one gallon $59.00
20.32000.50 Techni-Clear, five gallon $229.00
20.32000.55 Techni-Clear, fifty-five gallon $1,330.00

Pro-Torr API Rough Pump Fluid
Designed for rough, industrial pumps, i.e. Busch and Becker, this non-detergent hydrocarbon meets API classification SA and provides excellent lubricity for extended pump life.

Catalog # Description Price
20.42000.10 Non-detergent API, one gallon rough pump
20.42000.50 Non-detergent API, five gallon rough pump $229.00
20.42000.55 Non-detergent API, fifty-five gallon rough pump $1,330.00

Pro-Torr Silicone Vacuum Grease

Pro-Torr High Vacuum Grease is a stiff, nonmelting silicone lubricating material that has much higher stability at the higher end of the temperature range(-40° C to 200° C), than hydrocarbon greases. This grease is very popular as a general laboratory lubricant, in large part to its low cost . The product is very popular as a stop cock grease as well as for use as an anti-seize grease in ground glass joints. Pro-Torr Silicone Vacuum Grease is also used to lubricate synthetic and silicone rubber gaskets being used in high temperature applications

Catalog# Description Price  
22.09000.04 Vacuum Grease 4 oz. jar $31.00
22.09000.16 Vacuum Grease 16 oz. jar $98.00

Fomblin / Krytox PFPE vacuum pump Fluid
The original and still the best PFPE vacuum pump fluid available. For oxygen pumping applications. Chemically inert and oxygen compatible. Other inert fluids also available.

Catalog # Description Price  
23.10100.05 Fomblin / Krytox Y06/6, 1KG $295.00
23.10100.10 Fomblin / Krytox Y06/6, 5 kg $1,295.00
23.10200.05 Fomblin / Krytox Y14/6, 1 KG $295.00
23.10200.10 Fomblin / Krytox Y14/6, 5 kg $1,295.00
23.10000.05 Fomblin / Krytox Y25/6, 1 KG $295.00
23.10000.10 Fomblin / Krytox Y25/6, 5 kg $1,295.00

Fyrquel 220 Fluid

Fyrquel 220 fluid is self-extinguishing synthetic non aqueous triaryl phosphate ester fire resistant fluids used in industrial hydraulic fluid and lubricant applications worldwide. Fyrquel® fluids have a long history of use providing users millions of hours of safe reliable operations

Catalog# Description Price  
20.00220.10 Fyrquel 220, 1 gal $135.00
20.00220.50 Fyrquel 220, 5 gal $595.00
20.00220.55 Fyrquel 220, 55 gal $ask

Drum Pumps

Our 10 gpm rotary hand crank pumps are designed especially for installation in 55 gallon drums. Makes oil transfer a breeze.

Catalog #39.00066.01
Price $119.00

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