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The following procedures have been developed by A-VAC Industries through over 48 years of experience. We have found these procedures to provide the best service life for your equipment. Nothing magical, just excellent mechanical practice, quality parts, professionally executed in a timely manner.
– Don McGregor, General Manager

Warranty Period: One Year Parts And Labor

  1. Initial Inspection: Ultimate pressure is checked; motor amperage is documented, visual inspection made, all extra parts and accessories documented.

  2. Disassembly: Pump is drained and completely disassembled. Hazardous materials are sent to an EPA certified waste disposal service.

  3. Estimating: All parts are inspected for excessive wear, all tolerances checked and any failure analyzed. The estimate is now written and submitted to the customer for approval.

  4. Decontamination: All pump parts undergo multiple cleaning processes to strip paint, rust and oil; including solvent rinse, high temperature caustic chemical cleaning and a neutralizing bath.

  5. Assembly: Upon authorization, parts are deburred and hand lapped, pump is assembled using all new wear parts, i.e.: shaft seals, exhaust valves, vanes, o-rings, gaskets, etc., recharged with distilled hydrocarbon or PFPE vacuum pump fluid.

  6. Quality Control run in and Test: The equipment is run for a minimum of 24 hours during which time temperature, amperage, exhaust emission and ultimate vacuum are monitored.

  7. Painting: Standard pumps are painted with high gloss acrylic enamel. Pumps with a special fluid charge are painted white, i.e. Fomblin or Krytox, etc.

  8. Final Quality Control: Pump is then inspected by a Quality Inspector Manager to assure proper operation, inclusion of all accessories previously documented in Step 1. Ultimate pressure, motor amperage, safety and proper operation of all accessories are checked and documented on the Final Inspection Report.

  9. Shipping: Pump is tagged with all pertinent information, including motor voltage, ultimate pressure, date of repair, type of oil, etc., wrapped in plastic and palleted.

NOTE: All quotes for a standard overhaul price given prior to inspection include all standard parts such as gaskets, seals, vanes-regular wear parts. If upon inspection, we find a major core part is damaged, i.e. the shaft or rotor etc., these parts are not included in a standard overhaul. The exact repair cost including non-standard parts will be quoted for your approval prior to the repair.

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Proud Member of American Vacuum Society (AVS), Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC), Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers (AVEM)